Remember the website  That was from my first experiment in wine grape growing and winery operation in Virginia.  The business is gone, but the the place is certainly still there under ownership of the second new owner since I left.  The vines are still there, but several years of neglect have left only the strongest to survive.  This page is a web search magnet for anyone searching for the old domain,  The domain has been through a couple owners since I gave it up and now it is held by Network Solutions, LLC, a web domain name registrar and website hosting company in Herndon, VA, pretty close to where I currently am physically.  Network Solutions, LLC, has a very bad rap sheet of customer service complaints about seedy web domain farming practices and generally krusty business tactics.  I might host with them, but their reputation as web extortionists means that they would have to offer me a very sweet deal to ever buy back and host with them.  There you have the story of how came to Google as !!!

     Please visit the blog on and other pages there domain as they become available.  This is the domain that will eventually, hopefully, hold all the good memories from  !

My very best to you as always, C. A. 

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